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January 22, 2013

To Whom it May Concern, I am a 24 year old Firefighter from New York. I am registered as an independent, but have grown up in a Democratic household. My family has lived in New York State for several generations and have always been proud to live in such a great State. At the time of writing this message, I am NOT a gun owner, nor has anyone in my family ever been gun owners. However, the newly enacted legislation regarding assault weapons has caused me to become involved in defending my rights as an American Citizen.

In a perfect world, a gun ban of any sort would end all gun violence and make our Country a safer place to live. If that were possible I would be entirely supportive for an absolute gun ban. However, this is reality and outlawing guns will have the same effect of outlawing drugs. The Criminals and outlaws with nothing to lose will still find these items on the black market with complete disregard of the repercussions.

I realize that many politicians argue that you do not need a "scary looking" assault rifle for hunting. Assault rifles are clearly not for hunting, they are intended for killing people. These guns are meant for protection from others who would cause harm onto oneself and family. That is our right as American citizens to protect our livelihood if another were to threaten it. Outlawing these weapons will simply take them out of the hands of the law abiding citizens who fear repercussions while doing nothing to dissuade the criminals who want to break into your house tomorrow night.

The fact that Gov. Cuomo is able to disregard our Constitution and pass such a law OVERNIGHT makes me ashamed of my country and its elected officials.

I fear many things because of this newly enacted law. I fear for my safety because as my neighborhood is deteriorating and crime becoming more common i cannot properly defend myself in the case of a break in. I fear what is happening to our country when such an UNCONSTITUTIONAL law can be passed overnight without any opportunity for opposition. And lastly, i fear for what comes next.

Knowing that many of these mass shootings are not committed using these now banned assault weapons in NYS, what will happen when the next shooting happens with handguns or a shotgun? I fear the day when all firearms are banned in a country that was founded on many great ideals, one of which is the right to bear arms. That right is too important to disregard at the cost of a few individuals who committed horrible crimes.

I understand what this law is trying to accomplish, but while it might lessen the number of guns out there, it WILL NOT diminish the crimes committed by firearms. That is the reality of it.

Thank you for your attention

Yonkers , NY