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13th-term Democrat from New York.
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VA Regulations

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
Rep. Carolyn Maloney
Sen. Charles Schumer

February 18, 2013


02-19-2013 V.A. Regulations. What does this means to me? The VA hides itself from its bread and butter its veterans. Why do you suppose this is what they are doing? If you call the N.Y.C. V.A. Regional Office director’s telephone number you are interrogated about how you got the number. When you call a supervisor you don’t receive a call back or an email. This is time consuming and them you speak to claim that they are there to help you. Actually they are helping themselves to a middle class job while keeping you from working and owning a home. While them helping you timeliness seems to keep you waiting and they keep waiting for you to wait. Why cannot we end all this waiting for decisions if the VA lacks a jurisdiction?

Description: Membership dues
Invoice Number:
Customer ID:

Details of Your Claim

Claim Received: 11/12/2010
Claim Type: Compensation
Original Estimated Claim Completion Date: The estimated completion date of 08/30/2012 is past due
Power of Attorney: American Legion

Details of Your Claim

Claim Received: 02/06/2013
Claim Type: Freedom of Information Act / Privacy Act Request
Estimated Claim Completion Date: 04/24/2013 to 08/07/2013
Power of Attorney: American Legion

Details about your B.V.A. Appeal received on no date

Local VA Office of Jurisdiction: New York, NY

Power of Attorney: V - VVA
Current Progress: no data
Current Progress Description:

The best collection of electronic Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) is maintained by National Archives and Records Administration (N.A.R.A.).

N.A.R.A.'s main site is here: e-C.F.R..

38 C.F.R. for All Department of Veterans Affairs

38 C.F.R., Part 3 - Adjudication

38 C.F.R., Part 4 - Schedule for Rating Disabilities

38 C.F.R., Part 13 - Fiduciary Activities

VA maintains its references in W.A.R.M.S. (Web Automated Reference Material System)

The following link is maintained by GPO (Government Printing Office): Title 38, U.S. Code

Compensation & Pension Reference Materials are located on the Veterans Benefits Administration References Web Automated Reference Material System (W.A.R.M.S.). W.A.R.M.S. also contains the 38 Code of Federal Regulations.

More links will be added as we enlarge our reference system. In the meantime, all reference materials can be found in W.A.R.M.S.-W.A.R.M.S. has an index of manuals and a search function.

New York , NY