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Rep. Jerrold Nadler
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February 21, 2013

I'd like to know why is congress attempting to prevent our physicians from owning, imaging, physical therapy services and/or pathology in-house services?

Any decision to change this could harm the patient. Services that are presently done at the doctor's office, at the time of the appointment, would lose precious scheduling time if after the doctor's appointment another date needs to be scheduled for tests at a different facility, then another follow up appointment would need to be made to get the results of the tests all causing health threatening delays and additional costs in co-pays as well.

If services could continue to be done in-house in the doctor's office, time sensitive issues could be dealt with sooner & treatment could begin sooner as well and maybe even save lives due to swifter diagnosis & treatments. Waiting two days much less weeks to get an appointment for tests can mean the matter of life or death for some patients.

I truly hope you will take this into consideration and do no harm to this area for the sake and well-being of your constitutes. Thank you for your time.

New York , NY