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10th-term Democrat from New York.
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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
Rep. Joseph Crowley
Sen. Charles Schumer

January 27, 2013

Mr. President and Congressman,

Being a Democrat, I applaud your fight for working families, your work on creating a system of healthcare for Americans, and trying to find ways to get our nation out of debt while trying to create jobs for Americans. However, I am very much against a national ban of assault weapons and 30 round magazines and feel that it would be unjust toward law abiding gun owners.

The fact is that more people are the victim of crimes involving criminals with illegal handguns; not assault weapons. In New York, it costs over $400.00 to apply for a handgun permit. Yet, everyday in New York, and around the nation, there’s a news story about a robbery or violent crime that involves a handgun in the hands of a criminal. Even before the New York SAFE Act, handguns have been the weapons of choice for criminals. Obviously, gun control laws don’t protect law-abiding citizens too well and just make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. A ban on assault weapons and 30 round magazines makes no sense when the deaths by assault weapons pails in comparison to deaths by handguns used by criminals. The problem isn’t the firearm or 30 round magazines; the problem is keeping all firearms out of the hands of criminals and mentally ill people with violent tendencies.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently stated that nobody needs 30 bullets to kill a deer; I agree. But instead of making it a crime to hunt with an assault weapon, the governor along with representatives of our state legislature, used that as an excuse to try and ban assault weapons. What they fail to realize is that many gun owners don’t hunt. Many go to rifle ranges and enjoy shooting at paper or metal targets as a hobby or for competition using various firearms from their collection. Law abiding citizens should be allowed to have 30 round clips and assault rifles as part of their collection, their hobby, for competition, and for self-defense. Arguments have been made that the 5.56 caliber bullet is safer to use for home defense than a 45mm or 9mm caliber because it fragments when it enters a target preventing it from passing through the target and outside the confines of a house. Not to mention that the founders of our country created the 2nd amendment to protect us against our government if something unforeseen went wrong. If it did, citizens armed with assault weapons could defend against such a situation.

I support background checks, banning the sale of any firearm to someone with a felony or a mentally ill person with violent tendencies but I urge you to not ban assault weapons and 30 round magazines for law-abiding citizens. I will not vote for any representative that supports a ban of a law abiding citizen the right to bare arms which includes being able to purchase assault type rifles and 30 round magazines.

Bronx , NY