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11th-term Democrat from New York.
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Rep. Gregory Meeks
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January 17, 2013

 I am angered by the NRA's statement that the president's children are somehow treated as 'elite' because they have security detail just as every other prior president's children. Their statements are ill advised and do nothing to add to a positive resolution to the issues of gun control but serve to inflame those who think that this administration is somehow unsuitable despite the fact that on november 6th, the people spoke! Personally, I'm tired of the petty nit-picking that this president has had to endure and I hope we can focus on moving this country to live up to the ideals that they all so fervently espouse!
The right to bear arms had meaning in the early days of the nation when we had no formal law enforcement system. In today's times, its purpose seems less meaningful. Let's take the 'mean' out of our political discourse!

Saint Albans , NY