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I Support The Second Amendment

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
Rep. Peter King
Sen. Charles Schumer

March 17, 2013

 While Senator Feinstein's proposal to ban semi-automatic firearms and standard capacity magazines is garnering the most attention, it is important to note that attacks on our Second Amendment rights are by no means limited to this one proposal.

As egregious as Sen. Feinstein's proposal is, as your constituent, I want to urge you to oppose any and all gun control proposals that have been, or will be, introduced. We can expect a barrage of attacks on our Second Amendment rights to include not only gun bans, but: attacks on gun shows; restrictions on the lawful purchase of ammunition; eliminating private transfers of firearms, even between family members; gun owner registration; and more.

The one thing all of these misguided proposals have in common is they won't reduce crime. Criminals, by definition, are lawbreakers. They are not deterred by laws against murder, rape, armed robbery, etc., and they won’t be affected by additional gun control laws on top of the tens of thousands of existing laws we have on the books at every governmental level.

If you truly care about reducing crime and keeping our children safe, I ask you to oppose these gun control bills, and instead focus on improvements to our nation’s mental health system and enhancing security at our schools.

Again, I urge you to oppose any and all gun control bills, and ensure you focus on those solutions that will actually achieve positive accomplishments, while respecting our Second Amendment rights.

Please reply to me with your position on these measures. Your votes on these issues will be a major consideration in my future voting decisions.

Bay Shore , NY