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13th-term Republican from New York.
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stop meaningless gun control

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
Rep. Peter King
Sen. Charles Schumer

March 11, 2013

In my ideal world - vote no on the Feinstein Assault weapon ban - it is bad policy and you know it. All rifles account for 3% of gun homicides per year - around 350 victims. We all know that, state for state it is easier to purchase an AR15 than a Glock, so why are you pretending that these black guns are so scary? Easy to acquire, effective, hard to conceal, they should not be banned.This law is mindless and serves no goal but infringement.

Vote no on a standard sized magazine ban. Most homicide or suicide killings and almost all accidental discharges are done with a few bullets and you know it. Magazines are now printable, so if the gun model is out there, the only people who will be able to own these MAGS will be lawbreakers and our police and citizens will be at a massive and pointless disadvantage.

Make concealed carry a State to State license. Recognize self defense as a lawful reason to carry. If crazy or bad people own them, they will carry them.

Here is where I diverge - pass a requirement that all sales use NICS check. Don't require records to be kept, but just spot check and make it easy to do. This is the age of mobile web and most of us would like to make sure we aren't selling to a felon.

I will be watching your votes

bayshore , NY