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9th-term Republican from California.
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Additional Gun Control Efforts

Rep. Darrell Issa

February 16, 2013

 While I appreciate the reply and explanation of her beliefs, Sen. Feinstein's thinking on the true issue of of violence in America is truly flawed.

There are currently thousands of anti-gun laws on the books and none have worked due to the lack of enforcement and prosecution of the criminal element plaguing our Country.

Also, the "assault weapon" & "automatic weapon" terms all of you constantly use are incorrect. Neither term relates to the guns "allowed" under current laws by law abiding citizens. And, by the way, criminals could care less about laws……that's why they are called criminals.

If you and all other elected officials truly believe in the protection of our populace and our rights under the Constitution, you should look to other reasons for all types of violence in the U.S.

Trying to eliminate the tools we use to protect ourselves is way beyond any intelligent thinking. And, by the way, who are you to try and tell me that I shouldn't be "allowed" to protect myself and my loved ones from the very criminals who would do us harm. And please don't try and tell me that's the reason for a police force. It's not their job, as upheld by the courts, to protect us……..their job is to investigate crime and prosecute the offenders……after they have already invaded my privacy and attempted to commit a crime.

During the past ten years, I've purchased several handguns and I know the process I must go through to legally own them………the gun control advocates try to make it seem that anyone can bypass the system easily to obtain guns. That is absolutely false. If you would concentrate additional efforts on prosecuting those who illegally obtain a weapon and use it in a crime with strong penalties, that might surely help. But, removing guns from our hands will do nothing to eliminate violent crimes by criminals.

The ONLY people you are hurting are the legal law abiding gun owners in America like myself. And, if you truly care about the safety and protection of all of us, including our children, spend the time and money to offer help to the mentally ill and prosecute criminals who use guns illegally with the toughest laws imaginable.

Oceanside , CA