Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ)
3rd-term Democrat from New Jersey.
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Sen. Robert Menendez

March 16, 2013

 The Supreme Court made clear in its 2008 interpretation of the Second Amendment, upholding a right to own a weapon that the government has an absolute ability to impose limits on that right, just as the right to free expression doesn’t permit the promulgation of child pornography.

But when the current Congress proposes laws that would affect the ability to own particular types of firearms or to require that guns be registered, the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Second Amendment matters little along party lines. Many Republicans do say they support the background check requirement, but they are demanding that no records be kept of whether the checks take place, which would render the bill unenforceable.

Given the certainty that Republicans will filibuster these bills on the floor, it could be very difficult to get the 60 votes necessary to give them an up-or-down vote. (The assault weapons ban may not even muster a simple majority in the face of the gun lobby’s furious opposition.)

But the need is urgent. As Senator Patrick Leahy, the committee chairman, said on Thursday, “lives are at risk when responsible people fail to stand up for laws that will keep guns out of the hands of those who will use them to commit mass murder.”

Monroe Twp , NJ