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12th-term Republican from New Jersey.
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2013 assault weapons ban

Sen. Robert Menendez
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen

February 3, 2013

dear, Mr. President, Frank Lautenberg, and Rodney Frelinghuysen,

Hi, my name is Anthony Posyton and I am a sophomore that attends passiac valley high school New Jersey. Over the past few years I have become more and more concerned With the future of gun rights and the second amendment. Last month, in honors US history 1 I wrote a paper on gun control. I talked about my concerns and how stricter gun control is not affective at stopping violence. Did you know, in 1985 in Kennsaw Gerorgia a law was passed that required every house hold to have at least one fire arm in it? The country was up in storm. They thought that there would be riots in the streets, however, in the first six months, crime rates dropped ninty percent. Shocking isn't it? So why is it that on the news that all we hear is stricter gun laws proposals? They obviolesy haven't worked. The answer is more complex but basically, the liberal new stations such as CNN are mouth pieces for president Obama, and sugar coat his ideas. Mr. Obama probably knows about the success in Kennsaw, but refuses to recognize it. Instead, he pushes his ideas he has adopted from left wing Europe. This may be inappropriate, how ever I would like to stress my concern. Have you ever noticed everyworld dictator took guns away first? Hilter, Stalin, Mussolini, to name a few. now I am not in any way shape or form calling Mr. Obama a dictator. However I feel it is nesscarry to show what kind of things a government can do when they know their citizens are unarmed and powerless. that, I feel is Dianne Feinstein's goal, to limit our rights. I have one more question to ask, why does every gun hating politation that would gladly wipe guns off the face of the earth, still have body guards armed to the teeth with the latest weaponry, of which, are the things they are trying to ban? To me, just that simple fact completely makes their argument invalid. This brings me to the reason I am writing you today, I urge to to not vote the new assault weapons ban into effect. It may not have significant effects in the short term, however, in the long term, socialistic people such as Dianne Feinstein will chip away at our gun rights, and eventually, the only people that with have them, are the government, and criminals. All in all, I hope you address my concerns and other concerns of the people as a government should.

Little Falls , NJ