Representative Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ 4th)
19th-term Republican from New Jersey.
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Gender Based Violence Protection Act

Rep. Christopher Smith

March 5, 2013

I notice the list of issue areas does not include a category for Women. I am appalled at your no vote and I will vote no every time you run for re-election. Was this a perfect measure, no but it was something. Compromise in Congress is a word that you do not understand nor are not willing to learn.

In Delaware two weeks ago a Mother was shot to death in the Wilmington Court House. Why because her ex-husband and family perpetrated bank fraud and kidnapped the children for 18 months and lied to the children that the mother committed suicide. The father and his Mother after being released from prison and a half-way house restarted court proceedings. This was so he could get back into Delaware and again disrupt the Mother and her fears for her children. My daughter the attorney for the children in this case was successful in having his rights terminated as he was dangerous to the Mother as well as the children. My daughter did not make the 8 am hearing due to a schedule change. If she had made that hearing she would have been killed as the Mother and a friend that came for support were murdered. His family immediately upon the murder of the Mother requested through the courts custody rights. The children are in protective custody while how this happened is sorted out. The children involved will NEVER be safe as long as he and his family can locate them. My daughter a Mother also, is fighting with everything at her disposable to protect the children and she is frustrated that she can not do enough. A major concern is the safety of the children and the hope they can somehow live normal lives and recover from the second assault by the father and his family.

You always see or read this happening to other people. However, when it is close to home you realize how vulnerable your are. This issue is about protecting Mothers and children against vengeful husbands and the availability to obtain guns to murder the innocent victims.

You exercise your congressional skill to prevent abortions from taking place, while you do doing to prevent the murder of Mothers and children in danger from other family members. You are always stating how you put family first but this family was not put first nor protected and that is heart breaking. There were a lot of failures to protect them from violence. Three children today have no Mother and a father and his family that will never stop trying to get to them. What kind of future will they have?

Please do not send me one of your standard form letters as that will not be satisfactory.

Point Pleasant Boro , NJ