Representative Brian Higgins (D-NY 26th)
7th-term Democrat from New York.
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March 11, 2013

 My idea is for helping to fix the budget and our surroundings all at the same time. There are probably millions of people receiving public assistance weather it be food stamps or money or medical help and this is a giant cost to the United States. My idea is for them to collect any of this they have to earn it, for example(clean there house, make sure there children are clean and neat & fed, they must do the upkeep on there property even if its a rental,rake, pick up toys and garbage) This will also give others new jobs because they can do spot checks to make sure the job is being done. I am a housewife and I do not get paid, and I'm telling you it is a lot of work keeping the home clean & the outside & the children taken care of. Maybe for some it might be to much work or even an invasion of there privacy, but to bad, if they don't like it they will then go out and get a real job.

north tonawanda , NY