Governor John Carney (D-DE)
1st-term Democrat from Delaware.
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Magazine ban

Governor John Carney
Sen. Thomas Carper
Sen. Chris Coons

February 15, 2013

 We the people are the first responders. When 2,3,5 come to brake into my home I'm the first to respond. The cops come seconed when I get a chance to call, if at all. I would like to have the best chance posiable. The magazine ban could get thousands of more people. But I do agree with back ground checks. Next maybe you should look at med's these people are on or comeing off when they go nuts. Also some doctors don't report them. Go after them. The " drug war" causes more gun crime than robbery or nutter togeather. So before you disarm the us people look at England. No guns and the biggest crime rate in the Europe. No guns or little magazine dosen't mean less crime it just means criminals have a better chance to rape and plunder.

Woodside , DE