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Fair Labor for Workers With Dosabo;otoes Act of 2013 ~ H.R. 831

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver
Sen. Claire McCaskill
Sen. Roy Blunt

March 29, 2013

 I have just learned that there is a resolution, H.R. 831, that would require workshops for the disabled to pay the disabled the minimum wage. I have a cousin who works at one of these workshops in Missouri. He has Downs Syndrom.

My concern is that if he were to be mainstreamed into the labor force that he would not be able to compete/function. He looks forward to going to work every day and in doing so receives a great deal of job satisfaction and a greater sense of self worth. If the workshop were to close due to this resolution he would end up staying home all day every day. This would be a burdon on his family as they would have to provide supervision for him. He may even end up in an institution as his family may not be able to provide the supervision that he would need.

If enough special needs workshop attendees ended up in an instition the resulting cost may far exceed the cost of the workshops now functioning. If my understanding of this resolution is correct I would ask that either the resolution be ammended to allow for those unable to function in the mainstream labor force to remain in a workshop or to simply oppose this resolution.

Thank you for your time.

Independence , MO