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Rep. Doug LaMalfa
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

May 8, 2013

Send to: Sec'y of State, John Kerry; Senators Feinstein and Boxer; Representative LaMalfa ; Honorable Eric Holder, Att'y General; cc: President Obama

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen,

No evidence exists to link Amanda Knox with the brutal murder of her roommate. The moral justice that should have been the aim of the Italian courts succumbed to a manufactured diatribe, concocted via a deranged prosecutor and a sensationalist tabloid press.

I have two daughters a few years older than is Amanda Knox. I cannot imagine them being subjected to such outrageous treatment as the Italian system poured upon Amanda, for I know it would destroy my mind and likely the minds of my daughters. Amanda Knox has held up admirably all these years in the hands of those misguided people. Her fortitude in surviving such maltreatment is enough to prove her innocence in my own mind, for no guilty person would be so rational and stolid as she.

Amanda insists upon her innocence. I insist that the evidence points to her innocence.

I get the impression that the certain aspects of the Italian legal system thrive on sensationalism just as do the Italian paparazzi. Leaks, misquotes, and other simple means of distorting the truth are well known around Washington....and I am certain you all can see the specious nature of the Italian charges and representations regarding Ms. Knox.

To allow the obviously mal-intentioned and ill-behaved group of Italian police and prosecutors, including the one with the "satanic ritual" theory another opportunity at railroading Ms. Knox into prison after their totally botched investigation, including the incredibly misleading and inaccurate representations of the DNA evidence they mishandled and misinterpreted, would be adding a travesty of misguided international cooperation to follow in the wake of the Italians' travesty of mental abuse and torture upon the American Citizen, Amanda Knox.

Sacrificing a soldier on the battlefield is one thing, but sacrificing a civilian young woman to a cog-slipping, erratic, and emotion-corrupted legal system for the sake of salving international relations would be a crime in and of itself.

Do not honor the extradition agreement/treaty with Italy in this case.

I am outraged at the behavior those Italian prosecutors and police perpetrated upon an innocent American Citizen. Now that she's in America's hands, she should not be returned to Italy...just as Ms. Lin should not be returned to North Korea.

For effect, more bluntly: This medieval witch-hunt must end here and now! Italy ought to be mortified, internationally shamed by its actions, and the US should insist that country give to Amanda Knox and the United States its sincerest and deepest apologies! I submit that our citizens deserve their human rights and National protection around the world, regardless of local idiosyncrasies.

Weimar , CA