Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS)
2nd-term Republican from Mississippi.
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Rep. Steven Palazzo
Sen. Roger Wicker

March 9, 2013

 Dear Sir, Our white house is closed to the public right now because we can't afford to pay the staff. Yet AIPAC is attempting to introduce legislation that would make Israel exempt to across the board budget cuts. What kind of friend to America would have us borrow money at interest to turn around and give it to them. Our relationship is now and always has been fruitless. The American people are well aware of the influence such a powerful lobby as AIPAC has over our elected officials. Frankly we are growing more and more annoyed with a foreign nation's lobby tampering with our legislative system. I feel it is about time we put an end to this sort of corruption and ban any and all political influence and manipulation of foreign nations such as Israel. Please vote against any bills such as H.R.938 and H.R.850 if they happen to come before you. Our elected officials need to put the power back in the hands of the American people and tell the major power brokers it's time to go home. God bless America. Thank you for your time.

Diamondhead , MS