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Sen. Marco Rubio
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March 24, 2013

 It is so unfortunate that we have to survive the Sequester. That 2.3% cut in INCREASES in our spending has meant cutting all sorts of services. $8.5B is a lot of money, but compared to the way our people in DC spend money, it is little more than pocket change. It hasn't stopped Wash. from granting the terrorists in Palestine an additional $200B. It hasn't stopped the feds for advertising for hundreds of new jobs. The FAA, while closing control towers is hiring more "community organizers". The Native Americans who have been making billions of dollars at their gambling palaces, still receive grants to further the welfare of their people. I understand that most of us out here are pretty stupid, but Washington is still pushing it pretty far. We don't need more tax dollars. We need our legislators to quit their spending proclivities and start being a little bit smarter. Who knows when the voters might finally wake up and get rid of those who won't use common sense?

Ocala , FL