Senator John Hoeven (R-ND)
2nd-term Republican from North Dakota.
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Rep. Kevin Cramer
Sen. John Hoeven

February 19, 2013

 My representatives in government, I must ask what seems to be a rather dumb question. Why are we still talking about gun control measures that are admittedly “not going to have any perceptible impact on violent crime, neither the number of gunshot wounds at any scene, nor the lethality of any gunshot incidents”? This is a fact known to nearly everybody involved in this debate and is even admitted to by VP Joe Biden himself. As any of these new measures will undoubtedly cost millions to run, with zero results, why are they still being bantered about at all? WITH ALL THIS GUN CONTROL TALK GOING AROUND, I HAVEN’T HEARD ONE POLITICIAN SAY HOW THEY PLAN TO TAKE GUNS AWAY FROM CRIMINALS, JUST THE LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS. None of these gun bans, magazine bans or even back ground checks will do anything without the full cooperation of the criminals who, it goes without saying, will have no part of THAT. Also, no one in office now can possibly be so inept as to actually think otherwise. So how could any moral person attempt to inflict such measures on the people they are duly sworn to represent? You should not only fight all these measures (including back-door gun registration) but talk to your counter parts from every other part of the country to do the same. Your voters need your help and expect no less. Thank you.

Minot , ND