Representative John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI 13th)
27th-term Democrat from Michigan.
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Rep. John Conyers
Sen. Debbie Stabenow

March 9, 2013

 I am a Democrat who is a strong believer in the 2nd amendment and I strongly urge the VETO of a bill by the president if an unconstitutional bill on gun laws were to land on his desk. That would include any limits to law abiding citizens from being able to obtain any weapon currently available on the market today, given they are legally eligible to own a gun and pass a background check. I CAN support a background check, not a registry.I Urge congress to vote no on any weapons ban and focus on the cause and not the tool. I do not support a ban on pistol magazines or rifle magazines. Standard capacity magazines for a pistol ranges from 10-17 rounds and 5-30 rounds in rifles, they are not high capacity capacity magazines. As for 30 round rifle magazines there is a sporting use, competitive shooting. Competitive shooting is a growing sport in this country and many others! It's my belief we need to support the mental health aspect of our nations wounds from the past 14 years of terrorism and war, that cause high stress, partisan politics, that charge up issues to the point some people can not handle them. I also believe that we should look into how the very realistic images of the movies and games we produce in these times effect our society in terms of how we are influenced or desensitized to violence from these issues raised. In closing I feel it's my constitutional right and yours to keep and bear arms to protect myself and my family, and we should not infringe on those rights. Thank you

westland , MI