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27th-term Democrat from Michigan.
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Magazine capacty Ban

Rep. John Conyers
Sen. Debbie Stabenow

February 20, 2013

 I would like to express my concern on the communistic gun control issues that are on my mind
on most hand guns a 15,16,17,19,etc. capacity magazines are standard issue,for example a Glock 19 holds 15 rounds the magazine fits flush with the hand grip it IS NOT a high cap magazine.
during columbine when the magazine ban was in place with a 10 round capacty he just carried more magazines.
Just recently there was a mom protecting her children with a revolver that holds 6 rounds she shot him 5 times and he still fled the scene.
people are the 1st responers when law enforcementshows up they are there to take statments and colect evidence and they show up in force.Why deny us that force by limiting the number of rounds in a magazine?

please do not infringe on our gun rights if look at these issues with a level head
now just because an AR-15 looks evil does not make it evil the fact that it can hold 30 rounds or more is not the issue,
I refer you to columbine that incident was perpetrated during the Clinton mag ban of 1994,
to assume that making guns illegal will stop crime is like saying banning cars will stop wrecks, or stop giving tests will stop people from failing? Those examples don't sound realistic do they?
Now ask your self why are there school shooting at all? Well ask you’re self when schools advertize that they are gun free zones?
in closing I would urge you to vote down any gun control bills and urge the president to not use executive orders to side step the system despite what people tell him and you that most people are against gun control

Dearborn Heights , MI