Representative Sander M. Levin (D-MI 9th)
18th-term Democrat from Michigan.
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No Gun Bans/Magazine Bans

Rep. Sander Levin
Sen. Debbie Stabenow

February 16, 2013

As your constituent I am demanding that you oppose any gun legislation that will limit in any manner my second amendment rights. The constitution does not provide these God given rights; it simply acknowledges and protects them. You swore to uphold the constitution in your oath of office and I will hold you to that oath.

Any law passed to restrict guns for law abiding citizens will only hurt those who it was meant to protect! Criminals will not obey these laws any more than they do the current laws. We will not stand for any laws that restrict our constitutional rights; not one bit! I have a fundamental right to protect myself and my family. That right cannot be limited or taken away. If you support any of these laws and go against the will of your constituents, you will be voted out next election cycle. If you fight against these proposed laws, I will support you in the next election. It’s that simple.

Royal Oak , MI