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3rd-term Democrat from Michigan.
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Rep. Dan Kildee
Sen. Debbie Stabenow

March 28, 2013

 Today President Obama is trying to shame congress into acting on gun control by suggesting we have forgotten about Sandy Hook. We have not forgotten and the more we learn about Adam Lanza and his long term planning for what happened the more we understand that the answer to this terrible tragedy is in the area of mental health issues not in insufficient gun control laws. The same is true of the Colorado Theater shooting and Gabby Giffords shooting.
Because of this I am strongly pushing for you to work to address issues of enforcement of current laws, change the current mental health laws to allow interception of and containment of dangerous people.
I also think you should not support the current legislation that will negatively impact current law abiding gun ownership. A ban on weapons, ban on magazines and universal background checks will have no direct effect on this or other violence and are just feel good legislation.
Strengthening the background checks by following through on the existing laws to associate those with mental issues and clearing the way so privacy laws will not inhibit this information being acquired can make a difference.
Saying we have to do something and doing something that won't make a difference is not good representation of the people.

Flushing , MI