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Obama Guts More Military Benefits

Sen. John Cornyn
Sen. Ted Cruz

March 18, 2013

Obama Guts More Military Benefits

Suspension of military tuition assistance; Obama’s budget cut retaliation up-close and personal

This week the Air Force joined with the Army and Marines in cutting tuition assistance due to “sweeping” federal budget cuts. When faced with a budget crisis"whether real or imagined like Obama’s sequestration"too many politicians will threaten first responders before they cut their own bloated, nonproductive programs. The Armed forces is one of the few constitutionally mandated functions that exists today. Of course, Obama plans to make budget cuts personal so he and Organizing for America can manufacture sob stories making any opposition to his massive spending programs appear cruel. Big Government will not be denied.


Education in today’s all-volunteer military is a major factor in considering promotions. An unnamed recruiter stated that “College benefits are the absolute main reason they do it, it’s going to be pretty hard,” he said. “You start wondering what else will be cut.” An education will help the service member find a decent job when he leaves the military. Without higher education many troops will have a difficult time starting out as anything more than a Walmart greeter.

The military education benefit cuts are projected to save $600 million, about what the Obamas spent on their vacations over the last couple of years. The current Commander-in-Chief is not setting a good example. With all of the deployment commitments already borne on the shoulders of this all volunteer force, they are now expected to sacrifice even more so low information voters can have their Obamaphones. The main benefit of tuition assistance is to allow service members to obtain a college degree without incurring debt.

No Leadership

Obama never served in the military and has never been in charge of anything until low information voters and the national media put him in the White House. Needless to say, such a dearth of experience makes for an inept leader. Outside of campaigning what is he good at? Clearly he has no concern for subordinates. The Benghazi fiasco and cover-up make that palpably obvious. One lesson you learn as a front line supervisor…don’t screw or abandon your troops. No Senior Non Commissioned Officer would put up with a junior NCO who behaves the way this President does.

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Avatar of dusel1 dusel1 says:
March 18, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Had enough of this do-nothing Communist, Constitution-shredding undocumented alien?
Tell your do-nothing US Representative, your two Obama-puppet US Senators, and the devil himself (Obama) how you feel at:

People ignorant, keeping them from their dreams, is an age-old strategy of petty-vindictive-criminal-thugs who fear everyone. They found Obama’s ré·su·mé worthy and hired him to live out his dream, i.e. apparent worth to this society…less than zero…Semper Fi

Our military servicemembers deserve a hell of a lot more than they ever have received or ever will. It is a disgrace to deny them tuition assistance while increasing it for illegal aliens or even legal aliens for that matter. These servicemembers are defending our freedom while our government is seeking to destroy our country from within. Whatever our reason for having troops overseas, right or wrong, these people are doing what they think is right. When they leave the military they deserve those benefits they were promised. Why is an illegal alien ENTITLED TO ANYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY, other than deportation. But no, they are supposedly entitled to free schooling, free medical, food stamps, rental assistance, and free welfare. The only thing i have seen them spend their earnings on consistently is alcohol, a flashy car, and perhaps what they send back to their families in their home country. We taxpayers pay for the rest of it. Is cheap labor worth all the taxpayer supplied benefits, not to mention those taxpayer benefits which go to the displaced legal US citizen?

Lubbock , TX