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Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
Rep. David Cicilline
Sen. Jack Reed

March 9, 2013

 Why do our elected representatives continue to pursue a path of gun control, when it is admitted by the current administration that the proposals will not fix the problem? Why do our elected representatives wish to pass legislation that will do little to prevent violent crime, while limiting the rights of law-abiding citizens?
Watching in the months that have followed the Newtown tragedy, none of the proposed legislation will prevent another mass murder. All proposed legislation will only affect law-abiding citizens. Why are the law-abiding citizens the target of proposed legislation?
In addition to limiting the rights of citizens, this legislation will affect a large number of people who work in the sporting goods, firearms, and related industries. Has anyone done the research to see what the actual costs of such action will be?
Gun control is ineffective. What are we doing to punish criminals? One needs only to watch the news of the sad events that occurs in Chicago, IL, with its incredibly tough gun control and an unbelievable murder rate. The young woman the President spoke of in the State of the Union Address, Hadiya Pendleton, would likely be alive if the laws currently on the books were enforced. A criminal, who had previously been arrested while in possession of a firearm, murdered this young woman. Why are criminals allowed to continue to break the law while our representation wants to take action against law-abiding citizens?
I continue to reiterate my absolute opposition to the legislation pending in the Senate or House of Representatives. Please respect the rights of the law-abiding citizens and vote against the Assault Weapons Ban, and legislation compelling universal background checks, magazine capacity limitations, and/or banning of online ammunition sales.

Portsmouth , RI