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2nd-term Republican from Nevada.
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Sen. Dean Heller
Rep. Mark Amodei

March 16, 2013

 i keep seeing more and more purchases buy DHS for guns ( AR 15 style weapons conveniently called personal defence weapons) billions of rounds of ammo, armored vehicle's! Why? Why does DHS need all of this? Are they planning for civil unrest? Why are they making such large purchases while Democrats are trying to take away the law abiding citizens right to bear arms? Seeing actions such as this make the citizens of our country uneasy thinking there is something coming! What? We don't know and we want answers! This government of the people, for the people, by the people, is spending our tax dollars on guns and ammo, ammo that is not allowed to be used outside the U.S. millions of rounds of hollow points this type of ammo is designed to inflict mass damage on soft targets! The explanation that is being told is they are for target practice!
WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND ANSWERS! When we keep seeing purchases like these it really makes people question what WE THE PEOPLES government is planning! Start giving us answers! We are paying for this and i want to know what my taxes are really being used for!

Wellington , NV