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2nd-term Republican from Nevada.
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Sen. Dean Heller
Rep. Dina Titus

March 15, 2013

 To our Elected Officials in the Virginia District.

I am trying to get a case in front of a judge to execute the reinstatewmeent of Nowell Cullens personal rights as a citizen.

I am the only family member of a disabled Merchant Marine currently under CCEVA authority. Nowell Cullen had to learn to eat, walk, talk again; It was two years before he came back to the USA from GUAM. He has since recovered mostly and is capable of goverening his own affairs. The Law , as I understand it is that I cannot get in front of any judge without an attorney. I CANNOT AFFORD AN ATTORNEY. Nowell has clearance to govern his own self with assistance; I want to bring him home and start recovering as a respectful citizen within our community. CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY REFERRENCE TO SUCCEED IN FAMILY REUNIFICATION. Social Worker and friend B. Cork at CCEVA off Jefferson St #101in Newport News, VA

Las Vegas , NV