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2nd-term Republican from Nevada.
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Sen. Dean Heller
Rep. Mark Amodei

March 9, 2013

First,I'd like to know why the Department of Homeland Security is buying millions of rounds of many different calibers of ammunition---so much so that there is a shortage for the average sportsman and target shooter. I've even heard that this includes .22 LR ammo. The government has no use for it other than to keep it from the average target and recreational shooter.

Second, why is DHS buying light armored trucks (tanks)? Do they intend to use them on our southern border or against its own citizens?

I'm anxiously awaiting a specific answer--not a stock answer. I'd rather have you tell me you don't know the answer, then research what this build-up is about, and send me an honest reply.

Here is a reliable source for this information: Investors Business Daily. Check out this link for more details.