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5th-term Republican from Colorado.
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Government purchase of ammunition and armored vehicles

Rep. Mike Coffman

March 11, 2013

Congressman Coffman, I am a constituent and supporter of your from Colorado.

I am very concerned with all the news reports of goverment agencies making large purchases of ammunition and in some cases armored vehicles. It would appear the agencies involved, Social Security Administration and Homeland Defense. Would be making these purchases for domestic use.the fact that much of the ammunition has been reported as "hollow point" high velocity ammo. This type of ammo is not used for training or target practice. And if it is, then it is a huge unnecessary expense as there are less expensive ammo that can be used for training.

Would you please get to the bottom of this and find out what these purchases are really for. I am veheme try opposed to any legislation that limits my 2nd amendment right and urge you to vote against any and all legislation regarding my gun rights. And please tell me why my government wants to limit my rights but is presently stocking up on these items,

Littleton , CO