Representative Mike Coffman (R-CO 6th)
5th-term Republican from Colorado.
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Rep. Mike Coffman
Sen. Michael Bennet

March 9, 2013

 I have a problem with the IRS laws.
They are garnishing me right now. I didn't sign a letter of compromise because I feel they are wrong. I have the tax advocate office working on it right now. The problem is that they only allow me to make $300 a payday which is impossible to live on, afterall it is way below the poverty level. Why are they allowed to kill people so badly? No one else has the power to destroy us American citizens like they do. It wouldn't be so bad if you could work a second job or work overtime to make up the difference. I haven't had a check since August. At one point they even went into my checking account and took what was left of the $300 which was $223 this caused my checking account to bounce and I had to borrow money to cover all the charges. I know they have to collect money but, destroying people in the process is not the way. I am thinking it would be better for me to stop working since I have to borrow money to even get to work. They say nothing can be done with the IRS because they have too much power. CAN ANYTHING BE DONE OR SHOULD WE BE AFRAID!!! Is the country that desperate that the regular people who have always paid their taxes are treated this way. Their web site says they are not trying to hurt anyone.

Aurora , CO