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March 14, 2013

  Americans Saving America
Do not ask Your Local or State or Federal Government
Just take back your rights and freedom of choice

1. smoking laws its not up to the government to say to anyone who owns a business who can smoke in it that is up to the owner if they want smoking its there choice not the governments.

So we need to have a smokers light up day to start protesting the law

2. its not up to the government to pass health care laws it is up to the person

protest the law just don't pay the health care fine

3. owning property is the persons choice of what they wish to do to it weather to build drill or what ever they want to it that's not up to any local or state or federal government to tell you what you can do to it
just stop buying building permits and do what we want after all why own it if you can not do what you want with it the way the laws are now when you buy it we are just putting a big rent deposit down because we do not really own it don't pay the tax you lose it anyways so them telling you what you can do with it they are dictating that we do not really own it they do.

4. Gun laws why pass more laws just enforce the ones that are on the books and why have gun laws when the federal government is selling guns to drug lords anyways.

I can keep going on and on and I am going to try and get people banded together and fight for are rights back and freedom of choice. After all the way things are going who is going to protect us from all of the local state and federal governments.
If we the people don't do something now we will not have are freedom

Punxsutawney , PA