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5th-term Republican from Pennsylvania.
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Crowd Sourced National Budget Application as an Educational tool

Sen. Bob Casey
Rep. Glenn Thompson
Sen. Patrick Toomey

March 12, 2013


The Whitehouse should create an online application where people can go and adjust tax rates and budget categories themselves. Then the application should access whether the budget is balanced, deficit, surplus, and the affect of their prototype budget on national debt.

When enough people construct enough budgets you can generate statistics on the types of budgets that achieve particular objectives.

This would 1) Educate people as to what is the budget and what is part of the budget. 2) Make people see the tradeoffs and affects of going one way or another with a budget item. 3) Make people better understand what taxes pay for. 4) Give people the information and knowledge they need to make informed opinions when they hear about all of this budget talk.

State College , PA