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5th-term Republican from Pennsylvania.
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Universal Background Check

Sen. Bob Casey
Rep. Glenn Thompson
Sen. Patrick Toomey

February 22, 2013

 To Whom It May Concern,
I am of the opinion that Universal Background checks are a bad idea. The N.I.C.S. system is already in place and has been for years. To the average gun owner this is already a huge violation that we are uncomfortable with. However we tolerate it. Is this system perfect? No, but then again nothing run by the government is. It is my belief that if a Universal Background check law is passed it will become nothing more than a registry in disguise. I am 100% against the registration of firearms. The 2nd amendment was put in place as a safeguard against tyranny. I am in no way claiming this government has become so, I am simply stating the purpose of the 2nd amendment. Until the day you can guarantee me that Evil, in all its forms, is 100% gone forever I will not relinquish this right given to me by God and recognized by the Constitution. The government has already overstepped its bounds with the numerous restrictions on gun ownership. It is also my belief that this registration in disguise will eventually lead to confiscation. History has shown repeatedly that governments have followed registration with confiscation all for the “safety of the people”. Again I am not pointing fingers at this government, this is no accusation. I simply do not want the temptation to be made available at all. Humans are fallible and tend to make many mistakes. Lastly the private to private sales or the “gun show loophole”, it is my belief that it is not the government’s business what guns I own or sell. With the mindset that the 2nd amendment is in place as a preventative measure against a tyrannical government, how prudent would it be to notify that potential government where and how many arms you own? Thank you for your time and consideration.

shippenville , PA