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5th-term Republican from Pennsylvania.
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Sen. Bob Casey
Rep. Glenn Thompson
Sen. Patrick Toomey

February 20, 2013

 I appose any sort of gun control that may come to office. How will Banning magazines help keep our kids safe? Why do I hear nothing about trying to get guns out of bad guys hands and so much about disarming good Americans? Joe Biden says just to get a double barrel shotgun they are more lethal than Ar-15? If so why don't we ban them? More people are beat to death than are killed by Ar-15s and Ak-47s in America. Why try to ban them? Its controlling the people not Guns! I have so many questions but NO answers! I want proof that these ideas will work not just myopic emotions! I don't see how any of this will work! I would like to hope that no one is that ignorant!

corry , PA