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5th-term Republican from Pennsylvania.
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Sen. Bob Casey
Rep. Glenn Thompson
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February 15, 2013

Scenario: I am walking home from work at 8pm. The streets and sidewalks are quiet. Suddenly am man with a knife appears in front of me demands my money. What do I do?
1. Give in, give him everything and HOPE he doesn't stab me?
2. Try to stall him and HOPE the police show up to do something?
3. Us my legally owned and licensed firearm to shot the man and save my life?

If confronted with those 3 options, I chose #3. I am the First Responder, I am only a victim if I have to yield to the bad guy. Don't make me a victim.

Do not take away my right to defend myself or my family by limiting the number of rounds my gun can carry. What if there were more than 1 attacker? or I had to defend others? I want to know my weapon, which has a STANDARD capacity of 15 rounds, can hold enough ammo to properly defend everyone.

Please do not ban ammo capacity or any other ban being proposed against legal gun owners.

Thank you.

State College , PA