Senator Jim Risch (R-ID)
2nd-term Republican from Idaho.
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Rep. Raul Labrador
Sen. Michael Crapo
Sen. Jim Risch

March 12, 2013

 Now is the time for common sense gun safety legislation. I don't understand why gun owners think that registering their guns is offensive to their freedoms. These same people don't argue against the legal requirement to register vehicles: cars, boats, planes. I had to spend $50 of my own money to get a background check in order to do volunteer work with children. I didn't think my freedoms were being enchroached instead I thought it was intelligent public policy. It seems to me the only reason why we even have to debate the gun issue decade after decade is because the NRA financially supports candidates who after being elected vote in favor of the hand that fed them. ARe you one of those elected officials who have accepted money and support from the NRA? Requiring gun registration and background checks is common sense. It is a crucial part of public safety. Please vote for and support the majority of Americans (both gun owners and non gun owners) who feel gun safety is a public priority!

Sandpoint , ID