Senator Jim Risch (R-ID)
2nd-term Republican from Idaho.
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Rep. Raul Labrador
Sen. Michael Crapo
Sen. Jim Risch

March 12, 2013

 It is beyond time, but now essential, that elected Constitutional Republic principled representatives restore and follow the original Constitution, Bill of Rights of the delegated SMALL and specific federal limitations. It is time to remove fraudulent legislated law and executive orders, time to eliminate non-constitutional federal agencies and centralized bureaucracy. Time to de-fund Obama care, require the Supreme court rule on Constitutional law as intended and defined through the Federalist papers and founders documented words of diction. Time for elected officials to get a spine and conviction rather than an egoistic opinion and false representation of the oath taken. Time to reverse the socialist movement in the Democrat and Republican parties! Time to re-educate what Individualism and personal responsibility requires from our Freedoms and right to self governed prosperity. Time to do your job!

Bayview , ID