Senator Jim Risch (R-ID)
2nd-term Republican from Idaho.
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Sen. Jim Risch

March 11, 2013

 The key to budgeting is fair tax revenues and effective spending. Public tax money spent on public jobs like teaching, research, public safety, human and environmental health, infrastructure, and the military are crucial to our society and economy! Although my voice is a grain of sand on your lobbyists' shores, as an American citizen I demand that you increase taxes and close tax loopholes on the grossly rich. The grossly rich may create some jobs in this country, but they are also the ones that benefit most from a country that provides them with workers publically educated, infrastructure built with public funds, resources that they have managed to privatize, and an environment they have polluted and now must be cleaned up with public money. You are elected officials who have been elected to serve in the public interest, not just the interests of the rich and powerful. If our public officals don't represent us; the sick ,the poor, the middle class, average citizens...who is??? Please be responsible and start representing our best interests.

Sandpoint , ID