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10th-term Democrat from Massachusetts.
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Rep. Michael Capuano

January 14, 2013

Dear senate, congress, or anyone else who may read this. I am sure this message most likely wont mean much, as it is just another person online sending a letter, however, there seems to be some basics in the new laws being passed and logic behind them.
1. If you ban a round, and a round for a rifle can be used in other rifles, why not just say the riffle is illegal? Not a round which has multiple purposes.
2. If a rather small comparatively, .223 round is banned, what occurs to deer hunting slugs? Or perhaps hunters or hikers for self protection in seasons where bears could be. Or inner city families, because everyone is well aware if something is illegal, it is still around for criminals. Why take away protection if people are willing to go through the process to legally obtain such materials?
3. Why not just enforce gun laws far more? perhaps increase jail time for unregistered guns, create fines for manufacturing of such steeper, or monitor the guns better?

There are far better ways then having a statement saying a .223 round is dangerous, yes, it is, but out of an automatic rifle aimed at children. Especially with the current state of the economy and the world, protection seems more important than ever.

Desperation turn the working man into a criminal to support his family, yet the current families in the working class, are all at risk for having money. The same money which will feed a criminal or help a criminal to do worse.

I would propose, and being a very liberal minded individual, why not have a far more in depth screening? Perhaps a check in every few months , to check on the guns, see if they went missing , recheck the serial numbers. Re input the information to keep those guns in the hands of those they should be rather than of those who would kill with them.

Brighton , MA