Representative Thomas Brinkman, Jr. (R-OH 27th)
6th-term Republican from Ohio.
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Constitutional Amendment: Right to Privacy - Support

Rep. Thomas Brinkman
Attorney General Mike DeWine

August 15, 2006

I support the idea of a constitutional right to privacy.

A "Privacy Amendment" to state and the U.S. Constitutions that guarantees a right to privacy in all areas of our lives. This would impact things such as telemarketeing calls, medical records access, gun registration, abortion, gay rights and many other areas of personal behavior and activity. Most of these issues were impacted by courts' interpretations of a right to privacy and the debate as to whether the U.S. Constitution has an implied right to privacy as was decided for example in Roe v. Wade. By passing an amendment, this issue and others would be decided once and for all.

Cincinnati , OH