Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA 2nd)
11th-term Democrat from Massachusetts.
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$2000 dollars a plate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Rep. Jim McGovern

March 14, 2013

Dear Mr. President Barack H. Obama:

You asked the people the question... what would you do with $2,000.00 dollars. Your bogus George W. Bush stimulus package, to 150 Million middle class Americans. Now you have your budget deficit of a $Trillion dollars in tax hikes to the wealthy, that just paid for the stimulus of 2000K or Y2K and it is a blunder, to we the people, as government employees and down the line it goes, to food stamps. Now, Mr. President... "what if you could take back the $2,000.00 dollar tax break, for America's working class?" You wouldn't need a Trillion dollar tax hike! You would have 150 Million X 2,000 in federal revenues or $300 Billion dollars to keep America afloat. The tax break of $2,000.00 dollars is just a glorified version of President George W. Bush' stimulus package, that doesn't help the unemployed, welfare recipients, disabled or social security retiree's. Seems to me, you have your own version of the 47% you left out in the cold of the 2K stimulus, or the wealthy and the poorest of the poor. Maybe through your advisors, you didn't realize what you've done. But the Republicans will discover your percentiles, and demand justice. God Bless You, and God Bless America. Remember the 10 cent bottle bill. United We Stand, retract the rebate, for the school lunch program. Amen.

Worcester , MA