Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA 2nd)
11th-term Democrat from Massachusetts.
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Sequestration Budget

Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Rep. Jim McGovern

March 13, 2013

Dear Mr. President Barack H. Obama
Your sequestration budget contest is not as impossible as some think. Governor Miles Standish began a tax with 3% for charity. It's time, like in the electoral process, we have most Americans donate to a non-profit Obama Administration, voluntary gift of money to the $Trillion dollar tax hike, and save this blessed land of the free. Whether it's not buying your daily dose of Dunkin Donuts coffee, or some new gadget or software, a $Trillion dollars could add up quickly, with awards and prizes available per donated amount or also as a federal lottery. I still feel our best bet is with a 10 cent bottle bill to gain bipartisan agreement, on a federal revenue system, and defeat thee elitists in another budget bout in the future. I do not want to write a long soliloquy of these pertinent matters, to keep your attention span. But I personally on a fixed income, is willing to vow a $100.00 dollars a month, for a year, in your non-profit tax abatement contest. United We Stand!

Worcester , MA