Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA 2nd)
11th-term Democrat from Massachusetts.
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Rep. Jim McGovern

March 12, 2013

This story and pomp and circumstance, is just another way of lawmakers making unlawful rules as "lawyers" to put the poor in chains of prison, aka: nazi prison camps, to hit the average taxpayer = gun owner, in a two-fold waste of income, through keeping the "peace-keepers" abiding by red-tape to contain or arrest the suspects = tax one, and imprison = tax two and deplete John Q. Public's assets to overthrow freedom, much like "soap opera's" operate, to keep divorce case lawyers wealthy; and once again, the average Joe in servitude income. What about alcoholic insanity? Can't we have a beer and have sport or protection? Then there is the nicotine fit and going postal... there is the disgruntled employee, the foreclosed property, and back to the divorce case and suicidal and homicidal, while lawyers and lawmakers are making all the money, and the "American Dream" is Uncle Tom's Cabin or sheer and docile slavery!

Worcester , MA