Representative Richard E. Neal (D-MA 1st)
15th-term Democrat from Massachusetts.
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Rep. Richard Neal

February 22, 2013

I am writing you for the first time and am writing to say that I oppose the proposed assault weapons ban and the so called high capacity magazine ban. The American people will not support these proposals because they infringe on our constitutional rights. These proposed laws will not change the amount of violence in our society.If these proposals were to pass they will also cause many people not only in my state but virtually all states to lose their jobs and hurt our delicate economy.
I do support improving background checks and also making any crime involving a firearm a federal crime and have mandatory 10-20 year penalties. These two proposals will have an impact on gun crime but banning weapons and standard size magazines that hold 30 rounds, that are in common use around the US and that are protected by the US Supreme Court and the constitution will have no impact but to make the law abiding citizen weaker.
I really hope that you read this letter and think about these things because the majority of Americans are against these proposals and if you vote for these proposals you will pay for it at the next election because like I have stated the majority of Americans are against these proposed bans. If you want proof of this fact look at all the peaceful protests and rallies taking place across the US against the implementation of these bans.

Ludlow , MA