Representative Richard E. Neal (D-MA 1st)
15th-term Democrat from Massachusetts.
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Gun Control

Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Rep. Richard Neal

February 21, 2013

 Good Morning Sir/ Ma'am,

I have been paying close attention to the proposed gun legislation these past few months. I STRONGLY OPPOSE the idea of banning "assault weapons" along with "high capacity" magazines.

The proposed idea takes rights away from use law abiding citizens and does NOTHING to stop crimes. Further more it strips us Americans of the right to protect our selves. All political nonsense aside we can both agree that we are responsible for our own protection. We the people, can not solely rely on law enforcement to be every where all the time.

I have plenty of family in law enforcement and even they agree to the point that they do very little to actually prevent crimes from occurring. Do the right thing and defend the constitution, we are ALL counting on you.

Thank you for your time

Holyoke , MA