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15th-term Democrat from Massachusetts.
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Gun Control that makes sense

Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Rep. Richard Neal

February 18, 2013

Citizen of this Nation of Liberty,

While we are all disturbed at the violence of Sandy Hook and Aurora. However, I believe an 'assault-weapons' gun ban and hi-capacity magazine ban is a limit on freedoms of law abiding citizens without an effective reduction of crime or gun violence. Look at Chicago and Washington DC to see how well their strict gun control laws failed to work.

So what does make sense. EVERYONE should have a background check before purchasing a firearm, and to that end the Federal Database should be accurate and fast, and states need to be able to add information efficiently to keep it up to date. The same system could be used for ammunition purchases. Why should someone who can't own a gun, buy ammunition? Expensive? NO! Use VISAs network, they're everywhere. There's no reason to limit the # of purchases in a given amount of time. That does nothing.

And stop taxing our rights. It's wrong and unAmerican. We shouldn't have to pay exorbitant taxes on ammunition, or guns, or tax stamps, or licensing fees.

Encourage RESPONSIBLE gun ownership. Americans will never stop owning guns, whether it's an AR15 or my grandpa's 22LR, it's important that citizens learn to use and store firearms safely. There's alot of money in the gun industry. If just a small amount where spent on annual citizen training, it would go so far to reduce the dangers of mishandled guns. You'd be amazed how many folks would show up to a gun range who offered just 50 rounds of free ammunition to visitors.

Right after 9-11, the news was full of reports of how not all muslims are terrorists and we shouldn't mistake the evil of a few people to represent the whole of islam. Where is that common sense when it comes to gun? Why do you lump responsible, well-trained citizens with guns like myself in with evil, psychopaths?

Let's stop the knee-jerk reactions, and 'comprehensive' everything. Consider these small steps as a path forward, and leave the black rifle and hi-cap bans on the back burner. Let's address the roots of the problem, such as mental health, before we limit freedom in this great nation.

Southbridge , MA