Representative Steve King (R-IA 4th)
8th-term Republican from Iowa.
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Gun owner Registration

Rep. Steve King
Sen. Charles Grassley

March 8, 2013

 Please do NOT support any of these Anit-Gun legislative moves. All of the hype that President Obama and gun lobbyist have put forth is still absolutely false. the Guns do not kill and legislating them out will not and has not worked. Chicago has strict gun legislation and still has the highest gun violence.
This is absolute common sense, a person who is going to kill does not and will not care if the gun is illegal, they are already set on violating the law by intending to kill or killing someone.
President Obama and many legislators have forgotten what their job in Washington is, to Defend and Uphold the Constitution of the United States.
I would like to see you work on Medicare and teh reimbursement to hosptials and Ambulances and the Budget. How can we the people think that Goverment should run differrent than regular business, If I don't do my job I get fired.
Federal Offices were closed this week due to Sequestration but I bet your pay didn't stop.

Hampton , IA