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4th-term Republican from Maine.
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Sen. Susan Collins
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May 14, 2013

 I am writing today to respectfully ask that you take appropriate action to investigate and prosecute by all means available under the Constitution of the United States the presidents actions on Benghazi, lack of law enforcement and cooperation with states re: illegal immigration, no presentation/approvals of annual federal budgets for over five years, Obamacare and Mr. Obama's legitimacy under the Constitution to hold the office of the president of the United States.

In addition, I would ask that you investigate the Department of Justice regarding the recent acquisition of Associated Press records. By all appearances it appears that the Department of Justice is in blatant disregard and violation of Constitutional rights and limitations.

In addition I am asking that you seriously consider that Congress is the direct representation of we citizens to the government of the United States and you have been elected to do this within the parameters and limitations of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Laws of our country are not meant to be bent. They are intended to be honored unless changed by the consent of Congress and approval of the president. You therefore are complicit in any wrongdoing by the United States government. It is obvious that the Supreme Court will be busy for some time to come because of upcoming litigation and challenges to the behaviors of the branches of government that have taken it upon themselves to enforce laws of their choosing and ignoring others, and also those elected or appointed to their respective offices.

Lastly, I abhor the continued partisanship in Congress and actions by you folks elected to favor party politics and majority power over what is best for our Constitutional Republic as it stands within the Constitution of our country. This needs to stop now! Please focus on the critical needs within your constitutional mandates instead of attempting to write your own empirical legacies.

Gorham , ME