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19th-term Republican from Kentucky.
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February 20, 2013

UBC IS REGISTRATION, DATA BASES ARE USED TO CONFISCATE, these are tools to suspend the Constitution. To all my elected officials: the change is here; Mexico is the perfect example of protectionist deception, restriction of private firearms ownership is their problem. the criminals, cartels and corrupt govt have the means to arm them selves and suppress liberty in the lives of ordinary citizens. people who break the gun laws trying to protect the lives families and meager property are jailed. Unable to protect themselves from exploitation by the criminal element sex trafficking, drug export industry. those that refuse are made into soup. Is this progress? Is this protection? The rich are still getting richer and still they want more. Money isn't enough , now its soul crushing power. Safety from gun laws? CHICAGO, WASHINGTON D.C.If you really want to protect criminals these laws are very effective. A fearful population is a controllable population. Public opinion polls based on emotional exploitation and statistical lies are not a foundation for honorable statesmanship. Those true and resolute Protectors of the Constitutional Rights of Citizens of the Republic have the legal and moral high ground. Don't punish the entire nation for/or through the actions of a few soulless maniacs. The people in this country are worth it. WE THE PEOPLE are "are to big to fail"

morehead , KY