Representative David Scott (D-GA 13th)
8th-term Democrat from Georgia.
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Energy Security Trust

Rep. David Scott
Sen. Johnny Isakson

March 15, 2013

“President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history”
The above could not be further from the truth. On a daily basis Obama lies and obfuscates. If the above is true it is time for Obama to either stop his campaigning, lying, and scare tactics or reveal his true desire to undermine free enterprise and make the US a socialist country or resign.
Obama’s Energy Security Trust is yet one more place Obama is trying to impose his socialist policies and something the Government has no business being involved in. You want to shift America off oil? Grant leases for drilling. Open Anwar. And get the hell out of the way of the free market. The Government screws up everything they touch and stops innovation with needless regulation and taxation. This is just another means of taking from those who produce and giving it to those that don’t. If you are serious about Energy Independence and getting off oil " leave the free market alone. Cut the corporate tax rates. Get out of the way and let the private sector fund the research for their benefit and G_d forbid profit. Yes General Motors is selling more hybrids. They are seriously losing their butt on every one sold. Since you seem to have forgotten or don’t care, let me remind you, business are in business to make money. You want oil independence? Get out of the way, quit trying to control and let free enterprise work. You keep your hands in it and the only thing that is going to be accomplished is wasting millions of dollars with debacles like Solendra.
Because you are too dense to understand, let me make it clear, cut spending, cut taxes and quit trying to rob the American people to pay for useless, unnecessary Government growth.
That is how you achieve getting off of oil.

Smyrna , GA