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8th-term Democrat from Georgia.
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Rep. David Scott
Sen. Johnny Isakson

February 26, 2013

Force Obama to quit lying to the American people. This is not the catastrophic budget cuts that are going to rip the heart out of the country he is lying to the American people about. IT IS A REDUCTION OF THE IRRESPONSIBLE SPENDING INCREASES HE WANTS.

Washington’s over spending is what is ripping the heart out of America. Obama wanted sequestration. He signed it. It is time to hold Obama accountable and force him to attempt to show leadership which he is incapable of. Tell him if he does not present a proposal for cuts the sequestration happens.

It is very simple. Tell Obama he is not getting a single dime of increased revenue. Further, tell him he is not getting a single dime of increased spending. In fact tell him he is going to have to accept substantial spending cuts now not over the next io years. Tell Obama if he does not want sequestration to quit playing golf, taking vacations and do his job. Give Congress specific cuts to wasteful spending. NO SPENDING INCREASESi NO TAX INCREASESi Tell Obama he has to cut four times the sequestration amount. Show some leadership and bring something to the table. Not continue to “campaign” lying to the American people about how bad things are going to be because Congress won’t give him the increased spending he wants. We are tired of the lies and lack of transparency. It is long past time Washington, Congress and Obama are called out on their lack of honesty with the American People.

In the last week alone I have seen reports on stupid unnecessary spending that if stopped could easily reduce the deficit by over a trillion dollars. It’s time to do it.

We are a capitalist society. Not a socialist society. Our founding fathers specifically designed it so the Government would have a minimal role not one controlling everything. It is time to shrink Government and spending not increase the size of either. It is long past time that Congress stand up to Obama’s Socialist agenda and force him to do the job he was elected to do and uphold his oath of office. If he is unwilling to do so then you need to press for his resignation or impeach him.

“We the people” are tired of the lies and hidden agendas. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. If you are part of the problem you are going to be eliminated. Make no mistake there is a revolution brewing.

I saw an article today that Obama is having “Illegals “released from prison to keep within budget and capacity constraints. I strongly hope but seriously doubt that you have the common sense to immediately deport these people instead of allowing them to go back to sucking up tax dollars and be free to commit further and more serious crimes.

This is the type of stupid spending I am referring to. Start the cuts with deporting every illegal in our prisons. I and every one of my friends, associates and colleagues will fully support every tax dollar you spend to seal our borders and deport illegals. It time to stop the rhetoric and take action. Start doing the job you were elected to do and quit covering your political butt. This is a no brainer and a significant reduction in spending.

The first thing that needs to be addressed in spending cuts is the Affordable Health care Act. Obama Care. It is anything but affordable. How can you justify creating 6e,ooo jobs just to keep track of the requirements. This is just unnecessary expansion of government. Spend the amount it would cost to build i8 Empire State buildings every year just to track the requirements? I can pay a boat load of health care premiums for that. You are spending this without a single dime going to buy health care for those you say need it. That is stupid. Just give them another Government handout to cover private insurance. It will be much cheaper. However, that does not accomplish Obama’s objective of putting private insurance out of business and moving to a single, Government, payer system. Another big lie to the American people. The hidden agenda behind Obama Care is a single payer system controlled by the Government. This falls under none of your business. Let private insurance fix this. There is nothing in the Constitution that provides for Government health care. None of your business. Kill the Affordable Healt Care Act and leave it to the private sector where it belongs.

You have no idea how much damage this has already done to our economy, the number of jobs lost/not created, fulltime jobs cut back to part time and existing health care benefits being eliminated. This has not only failed to provide coverage for those Obama says most need it but has astronomically raised costs for employers, made individual health care unaffordable and is forcing medical practices to shut down because they can not afford the expense of compliance. But this is OK because Obama wants "Obama Care" Due your due dillegenance. Let an acturally look at the numbers. Any way you slice it, the Affordable Health Care Act is a fiscal nuclear explosion. It needs to be killedi

It is long past time for Washington, Congress and the administration to at least pretend that they care about representing the people that elected them to office instead of covering their political butt.
Bottom line - I am a business owner. I need to hire employees. Because of increased taxes and regulations I can’t afford to. Since Obama’s reelection I have lost s clients that are closing their businesses due to excessive taxes and regulation. Four of these are medical practices that are unwilling to deal with requirements of the Affordable Health Care Act. Since Obama’s first came to office I am now only doing 2o% of the gross sales I was doing before he took office. Can you say failed leadership? Can you say failed policies? Make no mistake Washington’s, Congress and the Administration’s lack of leadership, irresponsible spending and do nothing attitude are quickly destroying this great country.

Grow a pair and do the job you were elected to do " represent the American People. Make no mistake, if you don’t you will not see another term. The revolution is coming. As they say, history repeats itself. Can you say Boston Tea Party? Think about it. When you go to bed at night or look at yourself in the mirror shaving in the morning, ask yourself, am I going to server my country and constituents today or am I going to [expletive removed] myself for political power? Unfortunately for you the opinion of myself and everyone I speak with is the later. All you care about is whoring yourself and building your power base.

Please prove me wrong. Hold Obama accountable. Make significant immediate cuts in wasteful spending. Require a timely balanced budget. Quit kicking the can down the road. No tax increases. No spending increases.
Bring some commonsense back to Washington and quit lying to the American people.

Smyrna , GA